Gas path maintenance (A) air compressor maintenance: Air compressor is the main gas supply and has a very important role in the gas path system. Thus, in use, to do the following aspects of the work. 1. Precautions: (1) air compressor should be placed horizontally, fixed, well-ventilated. (2) can not withstand the wind and rain, not in the sun exposure. (3) adjusting the air pressure automatic concrete vibrator flexible shaft for sale price switch of upper and lower limits, the cylinder pressure is too low will cause slow movement, excessive pressure on the gas system seals disadvantage. (4) Check the oil level, keeping the oil on the dipstick assembly line in between, when the oil close to the assembly line, add new oil; (5) Check the belt tension is appropriate, when pressed with a finger belt, belt sag 10mm or appropriate; replace the entire group should replace the belt, in order to maintain a consistent degree of tension. 2, run precautions: work, the operator Hot Sale High Pressure Concrete Vibrator Hose should always observe the operating pressure of the air compressor, must not exceed the rating. Check for oil spills, air leaks, any abnormal sound, if found abnormal, should immediately stop checking. 3. Maintenance: (1) promptly discharge condensate tank after shutdown following open drain valve, tipped condensate. (2) Periodic replacement of oil, generally determined by the operation time of the air compressor, every 1,000 hours or four months to replace with new oil. (3) regular cleaning air filter, because the filter is too dirty, too much lead dust into the air compressor cylinder, acceleration cylinder and piston ring wear, and easy to form coke affect the valve tightness; serious also cause pull-cylinder, blow, causing oil pollution, the impact of lubrication; blow when the phenomenon will produce oil, cylinder walls and piston rings gasoline concrete vibrator poker gap is too large, contaminated oil will fleeing compression Indoor and formation of oil mist, contaminating the air. (4) The paper filter cleaning, blowing with compressed air from the inside out; if it is filled sponge filter, wash with a detergent to dry)